Alan Wong

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I'm a technology professional. I'm an outgoing leader. I'm a resourceful problem solver.

I study complex data structures and algorithms for breakfast.
I solve challenging, large-scale problems for lunch.
I design robust, scalable, dependable solutions for dinner.
And I will enjoy the fruit of our success for dessert.

  • Architecture design of highly available, high throughput, low latency, backend systems
  • Creating distributed systems for big data processing, aggregation, and analysis
  • Proven capacity to master concepts and technologies through the entire stack
  • Active and effective mentor of junior engineers
  • Java
  • JavaScript (Node.js)
  • C# (.NET)
  • C & C++
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby (Rails)
  • Cross platform development: Linux, Windows, OSX
  • Source control: Git, Perforce
  • Persistence: Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, S3, DynamoDB, MongoDB
  • Standards and frameworks: HTTP, REST, WebSockets, SSL/TLS, WPF

WISErgSoftware Engineer - Redmond, WA - 2015-present

  • Hired as the first full-time Software Engineer
  • Designed and executed on a ground-up re-architecture of the technology stack
  • Migrated from Microsoft Azure to Amazon AWS for cost savings and platform services (e.g. lambda support)
  • The re-architected platform provided:
    • Real-time operational insight into remotely-connected industrial machinery
    • Real-time performance metrics and reporting to drive business decisions
    • Increased scalability and data durability as compared to the pre-existing technology stack

Ivy SoftworksSoftware Engineer - Seattle, WA - 2014-2015

  • Hired as the second Software Engineer for Atlas, the first product at the Innovation Studio
  • Atlas is a product to "remember everything seen on any device and app while providing personalized recommendations"
  • Built and prototyped many of the initial UI features using WPF/XAML
  • Focused on the backend infrastructure: from core data routing and messaging between services, to a first-cut user authentication service backed by Amazon Dynamo DB, to a prototype persistence store backed by Mongo DB and Amazon S3 Software Development Engineer - Seattle, WA - 2006-2014

Offer Service & Remote Catalog2013-2014

  • Enabled the company to compete in Textbook Rentals, a $10B+ industry, by serving as technical lead for re-architecting a Tier-1 system to aid long-term scalability (which at the time, was already handling ~1B transactions/hour)
  • Proposed an organization-wide solution to programmatically analyze and validate changes to underlying metadata, and backfill the affected pre-computed results as required
  • Provided feedback and drove technical vision with leadership team as a part of the organization's Architecture Task Force

Search Data Aggregation2009-2013

  • Reduced $1M+ annual hardware costs for the team, by serving as technical lead for re-architecting core systems to utilize cloud computing resources
  • Actively contributed to an event-based pre-computation framework used by 200+ teams within the company
  • Improved estimation of project delivery dates, by introducing SCRUM to the team, and initially assuming the SCRUM-master role

Inventory Planning & Control2006-2009

  • Reduced shipping costs, by implementing an inventory transfer system where inventory would be predictively forwarded to fulfillment centers closest to the areas in which demand was expected
  • Reduced excess inventory in the network, by implementing components of the Delayed Allocation system in which optimal network inventory levels were held to meet customer demand
  • Assisted with fulfillment center capacity and labor planning during holiday peak, by running simulations under various predictive parameters

University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science, Honours in Computer Engineering

Photography, Motorsports, Cats, IoT, Home automation